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Glad to meet you on my website. And the dvokata's name is Dmitry Yuryevich Borisychev.

I am a lawyer , member of the Presidium of the Union of Lawyers of Russia, President of the regional branch of the SAR in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

My total legal experience as a lawyer is over 18 years.

The Union of Lawyers of Russia was awarded the "Honored Lawyer" badge.

If you need the help of an experienced lawyer, be sure - you applied correctly!

On the pages of my site you will receive information about my advocacy and legal assistance provided by me.

The main confirmation of my experience and qualifications is the successful court cases.

The main thing in my work : the maximum possible focus on a favorable outcome for the client, maintaining high competence in jurisprudence, responsibility , an individual approach to everyone.

Many clients turn to me on the recommendation of their friends, acquaintances, close people, whom I was able to safely help in solving difficult life problems.

I am ready to help you, and to do everything in my power to resolve problems favorably legal plan. I guarantee confidentiality and respect for the lawyer's secrecy.


The law protects everyone who has there is good lawyer

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Successful work experience - 18 years

We will protect the detainee, suspect, accused, defendant in complex criminal cases at the stages of verification, inquiry, investigation, in court

We represent the interests of victims in private prosecution cases, in criminal cases at the stages of verification, inquiry, investigation, in a court

We appeal against judicial acts (appeal, cassation, supervision)

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Журналистское расследование «Мёд раздора???»

с участием Президента РО САР в Нижегородской области, адвоката Борисычева Д. Ю.

октябрь 2020 - апрель 2021 г. г.

журналистов Информационно-аналитической газеты "Судебный репортёр". Краеугольным камнем, после кассационного обжалования приговора, явился новый поворот в деле Оруджева Ф. Т., отбывающего наказание по ст. 105 УК РФ.  Журналистское расследование продолжается…

Программа Мужское/ Женское  "Киллер для сына!"

с А. Гордоном и Ю. Барановской с участием адвоката Борисычева Д. Ю. (прямой эфир от 04.09.2020 г.)!

9 сентября 2020 г.

Член Президиума Союза Адвокатов России, Президент регионального отделения Нижегородской области, адвокат Борисычев Дмитрий Юрьевич вошёл на этапе кассации в дело по защите женщины, обвиняемой в уникальном по сегодняшним меркам преступлении по ч. 1 ст. 30, ч. 3 ст. 33, п. «з» ч. 2 ст. 105 УК РФ. Мать заказала сына, но в деле появилось очень много сомнительных обстоятельств...

Заседание Президиума Союза Адвокатов в Москве. Праздничный Банкет в РАН.

21 декабря 2019 г.

Награждение члена Президиума Союза Адвокатов России, Президента регионального отделения Нижегородской области, адвоката Борисычева Дмитрия Юрьевича нагрудным знаком "Заслуженный адвокат"

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Contact - Legal Consulting in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Thank you for visiting this site - Attorney Borisychev Dmitry Yurievich is at your service. The information provided here should not be construed as legal advice. If you need advice on a specific issue , please contact me directly . I strongly recommend not to disclose personal or confidential data until the establishment of a legal relationship between the client and the lawyer.

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